G Art Gallery Honour Present:

Artist Ng Yak Whee’s solo exhibition-“Bosom Friend”-Sanmao and I.

The story of “Bosom Friend” started with Sanmao’s autographed book “The Story of the Sahara”. One day, Yak Whee was sharing with me about the bits and pieces of Sanmao which he was familiar with. As an ardent reader of Sanmao, it was really amazing to hear about the stories. It was then the idea of ​​the exhibition of “Bosom Friend”-Sanmao and I came to mind.

This is a story about Sanmao and Singapore, the past has not disappeared like smoke. We decided to write some related texts to commemorate Sanmao. In addition, there are Sanmao’s newspapers, life photos, book collections and so on.

A total of 45 works are showcased, including acrylic, collage, paper carving, mixed media and other works. It records the places where Sanmao has traveled, and the memories she leaves behind. The theme of the exhibition is birds and fallen leaves, seeking a free soul, a bird with immortal life, flying beyond eternity…

🕊“Bosom Friends”-Sanmao and I. Ng Yak Whee’s solo exhibition.

🕊Exhibition date:
March 6 (Saturday) ~ April 3 (Saturday)
Time: 11:30am ~ 7:00pm

🕊 March 26, which is Sanmao’s birthday, the “Bosom Friend Club|Acacia Singapore” will be held.
Opening hours: 5:00pm~7:00pm

(On the day of the event, you can pick up a mask with a work pattern autographed by the artist Ng Yak Whee on the spot. 100 pairs will be given out, while supplies last).

🕊 Address:
BLK231, Bain Street, #03-03 Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231

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