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My heart will follow the light!” Inspired by the strong and bright characteristics of sunflower, G Art Gallery adopts this slogan which bears such a beautiful resemblance of the Sun with association to warmth, strength and happiness.

For thousands of years, artists from East & West have spared no effort in the pursuit of true beauty in the world of art. G Art Gallery is committed to work towards this direction by actively promoting works of art in South East Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam etc, providing a link between art institutions in China and Asian art groups for better communication and cooperation.

G Art Gallery would also like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation to all friends who have contributed their great support and encouragement. In 2018, we will kick start with a new image, stand tall and strives to work with sincerity and positivity in achieving our goals.

“光明之处,我心所向!” – 新加坡近意美术馆G Art gallery 追求艺术归真。我们着手致力于书画推广与收藏。并且发扬东南亚地区-包括新加坡、马来西亚、印尼等艺术作品; 並筑一道桥,与中国艺术机构乃至亚洲艺术团体紧密地交流与合作。


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