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My Heart will follow the Light!

G Art Gallery Singapore works alongside acclaimed and emerging artists from Singapore and around the world to expand your treasured art collection and enrich your cultured life.

G Art Gallery is dedicated to the development and promotion of the arts. Since our inception, we have sought close and deep relationships with our artists to encourage them to share their feelings and thoughts about their creations. With the opening of the artists’ hearts, art lovers and collectors can step even closer to their artworks – immersion within the arts.

We also offer platforming services in the areas of art collection and investment consultation (paintings, calligraphy and antiques), sculpture (including large outdoor sculpture projects), NFT (online and offline collaborations), curation, art talks, lifestyle consultancy (art for homes and spaces), photography and others.

We believe creativity holds great power and can cross language barriers and convey emotions without a spoken word. Every one of us can be a champion of art, a herald bearer for art, and thus allow us to contribute our unique imprints in arts and culture.

G Art Gallery’s sunflower logo represents faith, light, heat, loyalty and courage; it also expresses our infinite aura of light within the arts community.

Together, let us face the sun, raise our eyes towards our higher aspirations, and move forward to our goals!





同时,我们也提供艺术品收藏与投资顾问(书画、古董)、雕塑作品(包括室外大型雕塑工程)、NFT(线上线下平台合作)、策展 、 讲座 、 时尚(家居及场所艺术顾问)、摄影作品 等领域的平台服务。





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