Bosom Friend: Sanmao and I, Those Were the Days | 知音: 我与三毛那些日子

Ng Yak Whee 黄意会 (b. 1954)
Exhibition period: 2021, March 6 – April 3

Despite the passage of time, memories of sorely missed places and people have not entirely vanished. Through the memories of those whose lives were touched and artefacts collected, such sorely missed places and people are brought back and related to today.

The exhibition, Bosom Friend: Sanmao and I, Those Were the Days, shares Singaporean artist Ng Yak Whee’s recollections of the celebrated Taiwanese writer Sanmao, the places she has travelled to, and the memories she has left behind.

Stemming from Sanmao’s autographical book Stories of the Sahara (撒哈拉的故事), Yak Whee’s anecdotes of Sanmao in Singapore take the form of 45 artworks created in acrylic, collage, paper carving and mixed media.

Additionally, the exhibition will showcase newspaper articles, photographs, book collections and other artefacts related to Sanmao.

Like the swirling choreography of birds and fallen leaves, a free soul of immortal life flies beyond eternity and of our minds…


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