Colours of Life 活色生香

Lloyd Zhao 赵宏 (b. 1967)
Exhibition period: 2022, October 15 – 30

These New Literati artworks explore Singapore’s daily objects, scenes and people juxtaposed against writings derived from ancient China and modern-day texts. Paired with Lloyd Zhao’s elegant and stylised paintings, these endearing wordplays often provide amusing and insightful perspectives of modern-day living and the relationships between people.

Colours of Life exhibition showcases 60 works of New Literati ink paintings, created between 2020 and 2022, inspired by his experiences of living in Singapore since 2011.


当代水墨画艺术家 赵宏, 自 2011 年移居新加坡后,即被本地多元的文化吸引。这次画展展示了 2020 年至 2022 年间创作的 60 件新文人艺术水墨画小品。包抱《南洋的早餐》、《小贩》、《女人》等。

My Space · 我的空间

Lim Choon Jin 林俊能 (b. 1945)
Exhibition period: 2022, June 4 – 19

In a city-state with sparse quantities of natural rolling landscapes, some artists look to reconstructing landscapes from their travels into their personal spaces as a place for them to find themselves. In this context, contemporary landscape paintings can often be misunderstood as simple representations of places when they are a constructed and imagined world where the artists invite audiences to share and explore.

Showcasing a selection of 33 artworks spanning the entirety of contemporary landscape ink painter Lim Choon Jin’s illustrious career since 1992, this exhibition aims to invite audiences to step into another world with him.


《林俊能 · 我的空间》小型展览,展示新加坡当代山水画家林俊能 自1992年以来的精选作品。他的当代山水画,总能拨动我们心灵深处的那道弦!我们邀请您一起分享和探索、怀抱大自然,相逢山水间。


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